Thermal Generation

2 Plants

944,7 MW Installed Capacity

6,0 GWh Annual Power Generation

Yatağan Termik Enerji Üretim

Yatağan Termik Enerji Üretim


Yatağan Thermal Power Plant which was established in Yatağan District of Muğla province in 1982, was incorporated into Bereket Energy Group at the end of 2014. Being the 5th biggest thermal power plant of Turkey, it has the capacity to supply daily electric need of 852.721 people. Having an installed capacity of 630 MW, the annual power generation of Yatağan Thermal power plant is around 4.095 GWh.

  • 630 MW Installed Capacity

  • 4,1 GWh Annual Power Generation

Çatalağzı Elektrik Üretim

Çatalağzı Elektrik Üretim


Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant, ÇATES, which was established in Kilimli province of Zonguldak in 1948, is the first thermal power plant built in the Republic of Turkey. After being operated by Etibank, TEK, TEAŞ and lastly EÜAŞ, it was incorporated into Bereket Energy Group in 2014. Having the installed capacity of 314,68 MW, the power plant which supplies 1,5% of the energy need of Turkey, has 1.950 GWh annual power generation.

  • 314,7 MW Installed Capacity

  • 2,0 GWh Annual Power Generation