Elsan Elektrik

Elsan, which was established in Denizli in 1980, has grown annually in copper and aluminum enameled magnet wire and reached 40,000 tons/year in copper equivalent capacity. Elsan is a world brand, which serves its customers in 40 countries, especially in European countries with exports reaching out 50% of their sales. It continues to be the leader in the sector by providing the right solutions to customer needs along with quality systems and product documentation of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001; UL, RoHS, REACh, TSE which are the assurance of superior quality products. In 2014, Elsan bought 50% of Heermann GmbH which is one of the Europe's well-established enamel magnet wire manufacturers.

Tümaş Mermer

It was established in Denizli in 1985 in order to market them domestically and abroad by evaluating the marble reserves. Tümaş Mermer, which is the preference of Turkey and the world in natural stone sector, is one of the biggest natural stone producers in Turkey along with its products, advanced technology, reliability, quality and 24-hour production quarries and factories. Tümaş Mermer, which maintains the quality of the places with its wide range of products, solutions that it produces and its marble processing precision, has provided materials to very special projects besides 100 five-star hotels and monumental buildings and it increases its production and exports every year.