Letter from Chairman

Our Dear Customers, Business Partners, and Esteemed Employees,

Electric power sector of Turkey has become one of the most dynamic sectors of our country by making very important structural progresses within the last 15 years. Turkey has become one of the most important markets and regional agents of the world with its competitive market structure that has taken shape by means of liberalization, its productivity and customer satisfaction that has increased within this scope, and its giant energy project in international scale.

The resources and dynamism of the private sector, along with the liberalization process that has also conduced to the growth of our group, has expedited the energy sector. The installed electric power of our country that was 32 GW in the year 2002 has exceeded 89 GW by 2019. Almost all of this increase has been realized by the private sector. By privatizing all distribution regions, the renewal and the expansion of the worn out and rapidly growing electrical network has started with the investments of the private sector. From manufacturing to retail, the private sector, with the confidence they had in the country and the energy markets, has made investment worth of 60-70 billion dollars to the sector within this period by taking all kinds of investment risks.

The liberalization process has created great value for the sector not only with investments but also with productivity, innovativeness, and the increase of customer satisfaction. The decrease of the leakage rates in all distribution regions except few to single digit numbers, which used to be at the levels of 25% during the public period, is one of the most striking examples of this. In this period, Turkey has done one of its biggest structural transformations in the field of renewable energy. In our country, which is rich in the diversity and potential of the renewable energy resources, these passive resources has been turned into investments and our foreign dependency in energy has been reduced.

According to the predictions of T.C. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, in 2050, more than 68% of the installed power of Turkey will be consist of renewable energy resources. The supports given to the renewable resources and the encouragement of domestic production contain important opportunities for making important progresses in renewable energy.

There is a need for investments in vast amounts, in the electric sector for accomplishing the objectives of Turkey with the next 5 years. Of course, an important part of this shall occur by means of the initiative of the private sector and the government support. The energy sector needs to take very big steps in order to change and develop within these 5 years that shall determine the future of the energy sector.

Our objective and dream when we started out in the year 1980 was to do what has not been done in the sector, to use the domestic and renewable resources in the most productive way, to work, develop by always prioritizing the protection the benefit of the society, and to pioneer the change. We are amused by the fact that we have become a pioneering integrated energy company that has broken many new grounds in the energy sector by staying true to our objective.

Bereket Energy Group, as one of the most important and biggest three integrated electric power groups of Turkey, has become a group which has 31 manufacturing plants with installed power of 2.101 MW in total, including the ones which are under construction, distributing 23.9 billion kWh electricity, selling 20.7 billion kWh electrical power, and has 4.9 million customers, where 10 thousand people work.

The most important part regarding the development of Bereket Energy Group is its participation in every stage of the liberalization, settlement, and development process of the energy sector of Turkey and keeping a close watch on the change for over 30 years. In addition, the biggest architects of the success of our present situation are our esteemed employees who share the same dream with us and our suppliers who are a part of our family.

Bereket Energy Group shall continue to develop by turning towards the domestic and renewable manufacturing resources and to put the pioneering technology projects in terms of electrical distribution and retail into practice, in the upcoming period. 


Ceyhan Saldanlı
Chairman of the Executive Board
Bereket Energy Group